Welcome to our little corner of photography. Please browse, look and get to know some of the characters we've met and view some of the scenes we've seen.

Stephen's style is journalistic, consisting of candid, street life, nature, close-ups, landscapes and an occasional wedding (if he is lucky enough to have the time to do them.) Although he has studied photography for years, a professional hobbiest you might say, he knows that he will continue to grow as a photographer as there is always something new to be learned, to be found, to be created.

Connie enjoys both posed or candid portraits, and landscapes; but has been known to use her creative talents in weddings and event photography as well. A native to St. Louis, she enjoys finding and photographing local events and people, as well as those from around the world.

Please feel free to contact Stephen at or Connie at if you have an interest in any of the photographs you have seen or if you have an interest in being photographed yourself; whether it’s for senior portraits, family portraits, events (concerts, or sporting events) or weddings.

Please keep checking back, we're always doing something that you can see with us through the camera's eye.